This is a type of treatment carried out on diseased/injured pulp of a tooth to treat and protect the tooth from further or subsequent infections. 

What Happens During Endodontic Treatment?

A local anesthetic will be given. The treatment consists of three or four basic steps, but the number of visits will depend on your particular case. Some treatments take two visits but many are just a single visit. Occasionally 3 appointments are needed.
In any case, it depends on the degree of infection/inflammation and degree of treatment difficulty. 

Root canal or endodontic therapy has a very high degree of success, up to 90%. Teeth which can be treated near ideal have a success rate up to ninety percent! We will discuss with you the chances of success before any endodontic procedure to help you make an informed decision. 


Occasionally a tooth that has undergone endodontic, treatment fails to heal or pain continues despite therapy. Although rare, sometimes a tooth initially responds to root canal therapy but becomes painful or diseased months or years later. When either of these situations occur, the tooth often can be maintained with a second endodontic treatment